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Energy Saving Ordinance 2002 (validity period 01/02/02 – 07/12/04)

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The Energy Saving Ordinance ("Verordnung über energiesparenden Wärmeschutz und energiesparende Anlagentechnik bei Gebäuden (Energieeinsparverordnung - EnEV)") was issued for the first time on 16 November 2001 and got into force by 1 February 2002. It replaced the German Thermal Insulation Ordinance of 1995 and the Heating Appliance Ordinance of 1998 which both had been in force until then.

Reading version of the ordinance:

In pursuit of § 13 of the ordinance ("certificates on energy- and heat demand, energy consumption indicators"), a general administrative regulation was issued.
more about the General Administrative Regulation (AVV) "Energy Certificates"

In accordance with the constitution, the federal states are responsible for the legal enforcement of the legislation on energy saving. In the course of the implementation of legal energy saving ordinances, some questions arise especially in the beginning. They are not always clearly answerable from the legal text alone or from standards referred to by the ordinance and allow various interpretations.

To allow in this context an implementation of the Energy Saving Ordinance as consistent as possible, the Expert Commission on Construction Technique (“Fachkommission Bautechnik) of the Conference of Ministers of Construction and Housing (“Bauministerkonferenz”) decided to install a working group. This working group shall answer incoming questions of common interest. The draft answers of the working group are discussed and finally released by the Expert Commission.

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