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General Administrative Regulation for § 13 EnEV 2002
(validity period 16/03/02 – 08/12/04)

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In pursuit of § 13 of the EnEV 2002 ("Certificates on energy- and heat demand, energy consumption indicators"), a general administrative regulation was issued to determine the content and format of the certificates (due for new buildings and certain essential modifications). It follows the tradition of the general administrative regulation for § 12 of the Thermal Insulation Ordinance 1995.

Despite the regulation being formally binding only for the authorities (e. g. demanding a certificate in course of issuing a building permit), it concerns in practice the building owners, engineers and architects as well.

The German federal Government did not exercise the other authorisations given in § 13: neither data for climate correction of measured consumption nor reference values for consumption indicators were published.

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