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Bulletins for the issuance of energy certificates

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The Energy Saving Ordinance refers to bulletins issued by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs in agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, which intend simplifications concerning the issuance of energy certificates. These bulletins are published at this place in the internet and in the "Bundesanzeiger".

From the time of their publication at this place and in the "Bundesanzeiger" (issue Nr. 133 of 8th September 2009, p. 3136-3163), the bulletins published here of 30th July 2009 replaced the bulletins of 26th July 2007.

In connection with the 2009 edition of the bulletins, the climate correction factors of German Weather Service (DWD) should be used for the issuance of energy certificates.

Klimafaktoren des DWD für Energieverbrauchausweise (only available in German)

The content of the bulletins 2009 is intended for the use with EnEV 2009. Taking into account the 2013 amendments, the bulletins were replaced by new versions of 7th April 2015.

Bulletins for residential buildings:

Bulletins for non-residential buildings:

Accompanying studies to the bulletins for the issuance of energy certificates (2009 issue)
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