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Information concerning the application of dated technical standards in the context of the EnEV

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In connection with the edition of an amendment of DIN V 18599 in December 2011 by the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) and the cancellation of the "old" Version of this pre-standard dated "2007-02", questions concerning the application of technical standards arised among professionals. With respect to these issues the following information is published:

The ordinance refers "statically" to different technical standards, which are cited with a specific date of issue. Concerning DIN V 18599, the reference is generally the Version "2007-02". In the legal context of the EnEV, exclusively these dated versions of those standards are binding. More recent editions, error correction sheets and other similar technical regulations are unsubstantial concerning the EnEV, unless they are mentioned within the ordinance.

The "EnEV 2013" – valid from 1st May 2014 – partially refers to different editions of the standards. The provisions given above apply analogously to that version of the ordinance.

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