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Heating Cost Ordinance

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The Heating Cost Ordinance ("Verordnung über die verbrauchsabhängige Abrechnung der Heiz- und Warmwasserkosten (Verordnung über Heizkostenabrechnung – Heizkosten V)") regulates the allocation of heating- and warm water costs in centrally supplied buildings with two or more units. Furthermore the obligation of consumption metering as well as the technical equipment for the metering is regulated. An exception are residential buildings with only 2 dwellings of which one is inhabited by the building owner himself as well as (concerning thermal heat) retirement and nursing homes, halls of residence for students or apprentices, and comparable buildings or parts of buildings.

The ordinance is supposed to stimulate the user to save energy, since a mayor part of the billed costs of the metered consumption has to depend on the consumption of the user. Insofar it has priority over other agreements in the lease contract.

The ordinance was issued in 1981 and was amended

  • for the first time on 5 April 1984 with the "Verordnung zur Änderung wohnungsbaurechtlicher Vorschriften", and
  • for the second time on 20 January 1989 with the "Verordnung zur Änderung energiesparrechtlicher Verordnungen"

Since 1 January 2009 the established law is the version resulting from the amending regulation of 2 December 2008 (BGBI. I S.2375).

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