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Heating Plant Operation Ordinance 1978

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The Heating Plant Operation Ordinance was issued based on the EnEG 1977 – primarily on § 3 – to issue requirements for the maintenance of energy efficiency in the operation of central heating systems with water as heat carrier as well as of systems for hot water generation.
The ordinance is aimed at the operator of such systems and only applies to systems in the supplied buildings, not for those in heating plants and the like.

After the essential material requirements – towards the exhaust gas losses of the heat generators – had been regulated in the environmental legislation with equal content for years, § 4 was transferred in essential parts (maintenance and repair obligations, qualifications of specialized personal) into the Heating Apliances Ordinance 1989, and the Heating Plant Operation Ordinance was abolished (article 6 of the Verordnung zur Änderung energiesparrechtlicher Vorschriften of 19 January 1989).

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