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Thermal Insulation Ordinance

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The Thermal Insulation Ordinance ("Verordnung über energiesparenden Wärmeschutz bei Gebäuden (Wärmeschutzverordnung - WärmeschutzV)") was the first ordinance based on the German Energy Saving Act of 22 July 1976. It was issued on 11 August 1977 and was effective by 1 November 1977

Up until this point, there did not exist any regulation subject to public law for energy saving thermal insulation on buildings in Germany (just like in most other countries) but only technical standards (DIN 4108) concerning this matter.

During the approximately two decades of its validity, the ordinance was amended twice and was finally replaced by the Energy Saving Ordinance 2002:

1st Thermal Insulation Ordinance:

2nd Thermal Insulation Ordinance:

3rd Thermal Insulation Ordinance:

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