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Publications about energy certificates

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Actual publications about energy certificates referring to the legal status “EnEV 2013” are not yet available. Nevertheless, interested users have the possibility to download 2 brochures commissioned by the Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development on behalf of the former Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Affairs.

Please note:

These Publications are based on the legal status "EnEV 2009" (valid until 30th April 2014).

Energy certificates for buildings - according to the Energy Saving Ordinance 2009

31.03.2014, 07:53

An information brochure about the energy certificate for building owners, buyers or renters of residential buildings. In the course of the reissuance, relations between the Energy Saving Ordinance and the Renewable Energies Heat Act were included. A project of Econsult in Rottenburg.

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Source: Guideline for energycertificates for non-residential buildings

31.03.2014, 07:53

Work tool for the issuance of energy certificates by applying the DIN V 18599 (version 2007). With the help of 3 model buildings, essential work steps are exemplary shown for new buildings as well as existing buildings. The Leitfaden is mainly addressed towards the issuers of energy certificates.

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