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Experts issuing energy certificates

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New Buildings
For new buildings, the regulations of the Energy Saving Ordinance are based on the precondition that the energy certification is closely connected with the construction process and the respective proof of compliance. Concerning the latter, the “Länder” have specific regulations in their building codes (normally within the regulations concerning the persons allowed to submit the proof of compliance in course of building permission).

Building stock
Regulations about the permission to issue energy certificates for existing buildings are included in the EnEV, since the occasions causing the need for a certificate regularly are not connected to a construction process. The regulations are given in § 21 EnEV 2013. In addition, § 29 gives some transitional provisions for groups of experts whose rights derive from former legislation.
Concerning the extent of the permission to issue certificates, § 21 discerns between

• persons with unlimited permission for existing buildings
• persons with permission limited to existing residential buildings
• persons whose permission to issue a certificate is restricted to those kinds of existing buildings for which their permission based on regulations of the "Länder" would be valid in case of a new building.

The permission is in the most cases based cumulatively on a certain professional education combine with a given extent of experience or a certain vocational training defined in Annex 11 EnEV 2013.

Certification of experts
For the permission to issue certificates, an examination or a certification of the expert (by an authority or a third party) is not required. Even in connection with the registration of experts and issued certificates in course of the independent control system, a control of the experts qualification is not foreseen. The expert himself is responsible to act only within the limits given by the regulations; non-compliance can be prosecuted as offense with a penalty.

Different organisations (e. g. chambers of skilled crafts / engineers / architects, professional organisations, the German Energy Agency DENA) provide lists of experts for energy certification on their websites.

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