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Date of issuance for new buildings

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With the issuance of energy certificates after building completion it is ensured, that the certificate – same as a certificate for an existing building – describes the factual state of a new building.

Energy certificates for new buildings are to be issued based on the energetic abilities of the completed building; the issuance is due immediately after completion of the building (§16 (1) EnEV). The date of issuance after building completion is consciously due to the fact, that in many cases changes occur in the planning state or after the start of construction or that certain boundary conditions that influence the energy specific value documented in the certificate cannot be decided on yet. For the validity of the document it is essential that the energy certificate documents the actual state of the building.

Appendix 1 and 2 of the Energy Saving Ordinance contain procedure regulations for the calculation of the annual primary energy demand and the transmission heat loss, but not concerning the form (e.g. standard form) and the exact date of presentations in the responsible authorities. However, corresponding specifications have to be regarded in most Laender because of national regulations.

In case that due to specific regulations of the Laender, the standard form for the energy certificate is also used as the standard form for the verification of the compliance with the regulations and is already due to be presented before building completion, this document normally is not an energy certificate for the building because of the convention described above. Same as in case of other required building documentations, it applies to the compliance with the Energy Saving Ordinance as well, that essential deviations of the finished building from the state of the building application make an amendment of the documentation and calculations necessary.

Based on this, whoever is shown an energy certificate of a new building should ensure in his own interest with the issuer, whether the certificate documents the state at building completion and dates immediately after the completion of the building and can as such be used as an energy certificate. Furthermore, Energy Certificates based on the current ordinance (EnEV 2013) are due to be registered and subject of the independent control system.

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