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Determining energy savings

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In order to be able to determine the savings potential for heating energy and energy costs, the saved amount of delivered energy must be estimated or calculated. On the other hand, the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance regarding the overall efficiency of a building relate to the primary energy demand (non-renewable). Both values are indicated in the energy certificate.

The potential energy savings are a result in terms of delivered energy either of comparing the energy consumption before and after a modernisation or of comparing different modernisation variants.

This can be determined with different levels of detail and using different data sources. The savings are predicted depending on the starting situation and the selected measure(s). Dependent on the purpose, the prognosis can be done using standardised and location-independent conditions (Standardised Calculation according to EnEV) or use-specific and location-specific conditions (Individual Calculation). For a realistic assessment, individual conditions are preferable. For the purpose of a first estimation of saved energy costs, a simplified calculation of energy savings using "rules of the thumb" is also possible.

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