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EPB Committee
(formerly: Energy Demand Management Committee (EDMC))

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The energy efficiency of buildings has been the subject of European guidelines since 2002. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (2002/91/EC) – as well as its recast version 2010/31/EU – contains tasks for the member states to enact certain regulations concerning the energy performance of new and existing buildings as well as regulations for energy certificates according to the respective national law.

The Directive 2010/31/EU on the Energy Performance of Buildings foresees in Article 26 a committee called EPB Committee.
This committee meets several times a year and supports the Commission in implementing the directive. The EPB Committee serves as the official forum for the exchange of information between the Commission, which holds the chair, and the Member States.

The German interests are represented at the regular meetings of the EPB Committee by one delegate from each of the two responsible ministries (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community and Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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