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Boiler Efficiency Directive (92/42/EEC)

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The European "Directive on efficiency requirements for new hot-water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels (92/42/EEC)" indicates minimum efficiency levels for boilers. Since 1st of January 1994, mass-produced boilers, to which this policy applies only have to be placed or made available on the market, if they comply with the applicable minimum requirements of the directive. This has to be confirmed by a CE label.
The directive differentiates between "standard boiler", "low-temperature boiler" and "condensing boiler". The Member States had to ensure that both placing on the market (via manufacturers or European importers) and the installation (in buildings) are limited to boilers with CE label only.
In Germany, the latter aspect of the directive was implemented by the "Heating Appliance Ordinance 1994/1998", which can be found today in § 13 EnEV 2013. The first mentioned aspect has been implemented in 1998 by the "Ordinance concerning the placing of boilers in accordance with the Construction Law".
By the end of 2015 the Boiler Efficiency Directive in its central issues got replaced by an "implementing measures" in accordance with the Eco-design Directive.

New implementing measure under the Eco-Design-Directive applying to heating devices:

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