Zum 1. November 2020 hat das Gebäudeenergiegesetz (GEG) das bisherige Energieeinsparungsgesetz (EnEG), die bisherige Energieeinsparverordnung (EnEV) und das bisherige Erneuerbare-Energien-Wärmegesetz (EEWärmeG) abgelöst. Aus diesem Grund wird das Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung das Infoportal Energieeinsparung in Kürze an den neuen Rechtsstand anpassen. Die Arbeiten dazu laufen mit Hochdruck. Der neue auf das GEG umgestaltete Internetauftritt wird innerhalb der nächsten Wochen zur Verfügung stehen.

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Design of new residential buildings in accordance with the Energy Saving Ordinance 2009 and the Renewable Energies Heat Act

31.03.2014, 08:49

The present guideline illustrates the essential relations between EnEV and EEWärmeG as well as the accounting regulations taken into account for building practice and displays economic and practiced-oriented sample solutions for typical residential buildings. The Leitfaden is addressed to planers as well as interested building owners and investors with basic knowledge of construction. > More (only availiable in German)

Source: Guideline for energycertificates for non-residential buildings

31.03.2014, 07:53

Work tool for the issuance of energy certificates by applying the DIN V 18599 (version 2007). With the help of 3 model buildings, essential work steps are exemplary shown for new buildings as well as existing buildings. The Leitfaden is mainly addressed towards the issuers of energy certificates.

> More (only availiable in German)

Energy Related Requirements and accompanying measures for the building stocks in the central European Neighbouring countries

31.03.2014, 08:49

The study provides a comprehensive overview of the current information on the implementation of article 6 of the European Guideline on the Final Energy Efficiency of Buildings (EPBD) as well as accompanying measures in the neighbouring European countries. BMVBS-Online-Publikation 23/10, Hrsg.: BMVBS, November 2010 > More (German version with additional English content)

Monitoring and evaluation of energy certification in practice with focus on central European states

31.03.2014, 08:49

The study assesses experiences made by European neighbouring countries with the issuance of energy certificates in relation to the implementation of the European Guideline on the Final Energy Efficiency of Buildings (EPBD).

BMVBS-Online-Publikation 02/10, Hrsg.: BMVBS, Februar 2010 > More

Energy performance requirements for new buildings in 11 countries from Central Europe - Exemplary Comparison of three buildings

31.03.2014, 08:49

The present study shows by means of three model buildings, which energy efficiency requirements have to be maintained in different European countries when a new building is to be constructed. BBSR-Online-Publikation 11/09, Hrsg.: BMVBS/BBSR, April 2009 >More (only availiable in German)

English Document only availiable on IWU-Server

Thermal Insulation for Special Cases

31.03.2014, 08:49

Existing buildings that are altered structurally have to meet particular requirements concerning their energy efficiency. The study examines cases where exceptions and relief of the requirements of the Energy Saving Ordinance are possible.

BBSR-Online-Publikation 01/09, Hrsg.: BMVBS/BBSR, January 2009


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